Pauma Valley Fly-In April 15, 2023
Our good friends at Pauma Valley (CL33) invited us back for an exclusive hosted lunch at their airport this past Saturday.  The photos will attest to the level of preparation made to decorate a hangar with a WWII them complete with Rosey the Riveter, a life sized cardboard facsimile and then a real life version in host Frances Everett!   Each aircraft was met after landing and guided across the "stream" that crosses the taxiway up to the higher ground hangar areas.  

The food was served up hot with Carnitas, Pollo Asado and Carne Asada complete with all the fixings!  Cookies and brownies were delicious as well.   We numbered about 17 Antiquers and guests, 9 aircraft and all went home at a slightly higher TOGW!  

Three aircraft carrying 8 members and guests departed to the southeast to drop in on Borrego to watch some aerobatics as IA36 SoCal Aerobatic Chapter were holding their club's open practice session.  Nothing like 80 degrees, sunny and a free airshow (which we watched from the roof of the restaurant in the shade).  Was going to give the Swift a go at the aerobatic box but wisely opted out, haha! 
Author: Karl Johanson
Updated On: 04/17/23 PST