New Year Recovery Dinner Recap
We enjoyed a great evening together at the Admiral Baker Clubhouse.  Arriving at 5pm Sunday, all 56 of us were greeted by Donna Johanson and treated to a large dining room with table centerpiece arrangements featuring antique aircraft models and candles to set the mood!  Karl presented the annual meeting agenda and kicked of the evening with a toast to Members Gone West, Lonnie Bosselman and Dick Doll.  Both have been members of the Antiquers and well known to most in the room.  John Hickman took to podium to say a few words in remembrance of our friend Lonnie.  John Collins echoed John H's comments.  

We moved on to present the Board of Directors and conduct a brief review of the chapter's finances (key word being "brief").  I think that when it comes to members' dues, donations and other funds, members deserve to see the details.

Again this year we had several events:
A fly out to Borrego with the Pauma Valley folks
Another fly-out, this time to Pauma Valley in April and again in November for their Open House
A Barbecue hosted by the Overson family at the Classics Hangars in June
Movie night again hosted by the Overson family in November

This year we again presented three (3) scholarships, all of which were FT (Flight Training) Awards
Winners were: Wes Ramos
Jalyna Cook
Caleb Nowak
Each were introduced to the dinner attendees with a short bio, career plans, etc.  We congratulate them all and look forward to seeing them at our meetings and hearing how they are progressing toward their personal goals.

This year we also had a silent auction and several winners were announced including a Flight Jacket donated by Gibson Barnes and won by Debbie, a ride in a Navy N3N donated by Reese and Samantha Wolff and won by John Collins; a ride in a Yak 52 donated by Todd and Marcia Bohlman and won by Aaron Whelan, a Stearman biplane ride donated by John Collins and won by our new member,  Mary Donahoe, a flight to Catalina donated by Donna and Karl Johanson and won by Jillian Collins; a BFR donated by Reese and Samantha Wolff and won by Teri Nance.  Several items including a BFR, two (2) Transponder Certs donated by Instrument Overhaul and one IFR check donated by Neal Aviation were not awarded and will be auctioned off at a future date.

We closed the evening with the usual 50/50 cash raffle which was won by Kathy and Rick Norris and then DONATED BACK to the Antiquers.   A big shout out to the Norris' for their generous contribution!

We wrapped up the evening at 8:20pm and a special thanks to those who stayed behind to help pick up.  Mark your calendars for next year as we are already booked at this same location for SATURDAY JANUARY 25, 2025!  

Author: Karl Johanson
Updated On: 02/08/24 PST