Cactus Fly In at Casa Grande, AZ
Contact Fred Borns at to register.  Suggest you do so even if you are watching weather forecasts before committing to attend (the organizers just want to get a rough count of planes coming for planning purposes).  The registration form also includes that usual responsibility disclaimers.

Received today (2/21) from Fred at Casa Grande:

For those of you who are delaying commitment we completely understand—especially if you are flying-in. Please try to register if you can so that we can “provision” properly.

The KCGZ airport manager is really working to help us be comfortable—that is a benefit for staging this at Casa Grande!

We have formulated a “loose” agenda as follows:

Friday March 3rd, 2:00pm-4:00pm

Kurt Gearhart will host a formation flying ground school at the TCB hangar. Recently he and his Stearman Guys have recently staged several fly-overs at events in the PHX area—they are good

Friday March 3rd, 4:30pm-7:00pm

Happy hour(s) at the TCB hangar: beer, wine, soft drinks and snacks hosted by CAAA

Saturday March 4th, All-day

Fly-In arrivals and departures. Gates open to the drive-in public at 8:00am

Arriving aircraft will be tastefully announced by knowledgeable observers using a “low-key” PA system in front of the KCGZ terminal bldg. Hope you registered…

Breakfast and lunch available for modest charge provided by the Pinal Masons Lodge #32

Aircraft owners will be greeted by our peerless hosts on engine shutdown and provided with “Pilot’s Choice ballots” to vote for their favorite (probably their own) display aircraft. Ballots need to be submitted to the TBC hangar by 3:00pm Saturday Mar.4th.

Saturday March 4th, 3:00pm-7:00pm

For registered aircraft and auto owners and volunteers a picnic dinner will be offered at the TCB hangar hosted by CAAA.

Aviation-oriented guest speaker(s)

Open bar with endless conversation

Sunday March 5th, 7:00am-9:00am

Farewell pastries and coffee, KCGZ terminal

The Classic Airplane Association of Arizona is looking forward to rendezvous #65àplease join us!

Author: Karl Johanson
Updated On: 02/21/23 PST