BBQ @ Speer Hangars hosted by Gary and Evelyn.
It's time for another Antiquer BBQ, this time hosted by Gary & Evelyn Gobel at their Speer Hangar!!!!

Truly one of the best places on KSEE airport.

We want to encourage members to fly in or taxi your plane over. We have space for 15 planes so please RSVP your plane with John Collins @ 619-647-5806 or Karl Johanson @ 619-548-0435.
We have a Speer Hangars Site Map to position all planes. We would like all planes to be in, parked and propellers stopped at least an hour before the event starts. (1 p.m.)
***If you need to leave your plane overnight at Speer Hangars that is approved as well***

We plan on grilling up some hamburgers, hotdogs and having some soda and waters for refreshments.
Food starts at 3 p.m.

We thought we would start this event a little later in the day to avoid some of this heat we've been experiencing.

If you would like something special to eat or drink, feel free to bring it along.

We do need some volunteers, if you are available please notify John Collins @ 619-647-5806 or Karl Johanson @ 619-548-0435.

***Please remember that Speer Hangars is a private lease hold, please respect the complex and the airport regulations. We need to avoid any runway incursions at all cost!!! Please no pets at this event.***

$10 donation for the event which goes directly into the scholarship fund.

We are looking forward to seeing all the Antiquers again for some good food and people.

Thank you and happy landings!!!!
Author: John collins
Updated On: 08/05/19 PST