Young Eagles, by EAA Chapter 14, Brown Field

What is the process of becoming a Young Eagle?

The first step is the Young Eagle flight. Young Eagle flights are always the second Saturday of the month unless otherwise scheduled. We begin with an introduction and briefing from the Young Eagle Coordinator. The YE Coordinator will cover the following items: safety, the flight experience, the Young Eagle program, aviation related careers and a brief history of the EAA.

After the orientation a Chapter 14 volunteer will continue the briefing with a walk-around of a general aviation aircraft. The briefing includes a description of the different parts of an aircraft, an explanation of why planes fly, and a look at the instrument panel with an explanation of the critical instruments. The Young Eagle Coordinator will then assign Young Eagles to pilots and the flight begins.


Who are the pilots?

All our pilots are qualified are certificated by the FAA and are members of the Experimental Aircraft Association. They will have required medical certificates and safe aircraft as determined by annual inspections as required by the FAA.


What is the next step?

Let us know your interested.

Groups will find it more convenient to contact the Chapter’s Young Eagle Coordinator to reserve a specific day. This allows us to schedule more pilots and be able to accommodate everyone.

If you are an individual or small group email us at and let us know your intentions.

Author: Abraham Talerman
Updated On: 03/13/19 PST