Antiquer's Summer Barbecue
The San Diego Antique Aircraft Association hosted its first members and guests afternoon barbecue at Evie and Gary Gobel’s Speer Field hangar.  What a perfect setting for an aviation inspired event!  By now you have seen some excellent photo’s posted on this site by member Reese Wolff and our attending pro photographer, Mark Krause.  

I think it was a complete success and achieved our number 1 objective of reuniting old friends and sharing their appreciation of antique aircraft with a sprinkling of rare tractors, cars, trucks and airport service vehicles!  Each one was truly eye candy!

Our guest count was approximately 80 which includes several new members,  returning members, families and some young future aviators.   A big shout out to our outstanding food preparation team: Gary and Evie, Neil and Brooke Meek, and Roland Hueschele all of whom were there early and stayed late cleaning up.  

Special thanks to John Collins for all his efforts in planning, logistics, set-up, ramp management and more.  He sees something that needs doing and just gets it done.  We need a few more like John on the Board, please do volunteer, its rewarding and does not take up much of your at all.  Let’s not forget the bonus of the aviation-themed Hawaiian shirts donated to the raffle by Leslie Day and Michael Bailey.  They were really nice shirts and perhaps we should make that the theme garment at our next Antiquer Event!

You all encountered my wife Donna at the gate.  Nobody got by her without hearing a sales pitch for raffle tickets and memberships.  Her career in sales in the telecommunications field no doubt served us well on Saturday and I got pretty good at putting armbands on guests after Donna was done with them 😎.

I also want to thank all the members who displayed their aircraft and vehicles for all of us to enjoy.

Our next event is planned for October and will be at KMYF, details to be announced later.  

Fly safe and remember to share your love for aviation with others.
Author: Karl Johanson
Updated On: 12/22/21 PST