AAASDC Halloween Potluck Party
AAASDC Halloween Potluck Party on October 27th @ Gillespie Field.

Come join your fellow Antiquers for a night of fun!!!

The event is completely FREE to all members and we are encouraging members to bring a dish along with them for the potluck.

We are planning to have an aviation themed pumpkin carving contest with a prize for the winner.
If you plan on participating in the pumpkin carving contest, PLEASE BRING YOUR OWN PUMPKIN.

There will be music, food and drinks to enjoy.

If you are planning on bringing a dish, please contact John Collins via phone or email to coordinate.
This way we don't end up with 5 tuna casseroles!!!!
Contact number: 619-647-5806
Contact email:

It is a casual event for the group and we are hoping for a good turnout and a great night of fun for the club. 

Thank you. 

Author: John Collins, Kevin & Heather McCully
Updated On: 10/13/17 PST