2003 Scholarship Winner Update!
We take pride and enjoyment when we get to hear from previous years AAASDC Scholarship Program Winners.

In 2003 we awarded Gabrielle Palmas a Scholarship.

Recently, Gabrielle was happy to update us on her achievements!

Hello AAA San Diego Chapter,

I wanted to update you on how the AAASDC 2003 Scholarship helped me so far.

I trained on my Private certificate with Golden State at KSEE and moved to Arizona after graduating high school. (Which was my backup plan after Duke Cunningham's appointment to the academies fell through.)

After moving to Arizona, I continued flying while going to college and working as a flight attendant for then - America West. Two mergers later, and I'm with American Airlines.

I'm currently working on my Commercial Multi-Engine certificate while dropping the occasional skydiver out of planes on my days off. 

This year I was awarded " The Bruce Baty Volunteer Award 2019" for my dedication to Women in Aviation Intl.

I'd love to know how everyone is doing.. Len and friends were my favorite visits back when I worked the Golden State Flying Club Donut golf cart!!! 

Hope you're all well.. I still keep in touch with the 99s and miss Fran Bera daily.

Author: Abraham Talerman
Updated On: 06/19/19 PST